First and foremost, legal and licensed casinos do not use magnets. On the other hand, magnetic roulette balls are common in unlicensed casinos. In any case, magnetic roulette wheels are available in countries like China. Roulette players should always check whether the casino is using magnetic balls. These roulette wheels are distinctive. They have a different design. However, playing in an unlicensed casino is risky.

How Do the Magnetic Wheels Work?

To start with, this trick can be done in so many ways. However, the easiest way is to place magnets below the pockets. If a dealer wants the ball to land on a specific number, all they need to do is deactivate the electromagnet. Activating the electromagnet makes the ball move further from the desired number. This is because the balls have the same magnetic polarity as the electromagnets.

For instance, a player stakes high on number 15. In this scenario, the dealer will activate the electromagnet beneath number 15. By doing so, the ball will roll but will not stop at 15. This trick allows dealers to avoid losing heavily to high rollers. Players should avoid casinos that use electromagnets. Casinos that use such magnets always have the upper hand. Additionally, players suffer from:

  • Huge losses
  • Strategies not working
  • Strategies not working

How Can One Identify Casinos that Use Magnets?

Identifying such casinos can only be done by inspecting the wheels. However, the usage of magnets is not common in legit casinos. Besides, the repercussions do not favour the casino. In many cases, casinos have a higher advantage of winning than the players. Therefore, licensed casinos will only use a magnetic wheel if they seek to avoid paying high bets. So, magnetic wheels will be in the VIP section.

However, there are instances where the ball will spin oddly. Such cases make players think the spins are doubtful. However, if a ball spins strangely, it doesn't mean the casino is cheating. So, players should always test several variations of the ball to understand it better. In fact, players' doubts will go away if they watch a lot of spins. If you have the time, play regularly.

Do Automatic Roulette Wheels Cheat?

This is a question often asked by most roulette players. However, it's good to note that these wheels are subject to strict vetting. Also, the manufacturing agencies have to obtain an operating licence. In the verification process, the wheel must produce fair results. In addition, the results should be random. Basically, it means that nobody will have the ability to influence the wheel's outcomes.

How Does an Automatic Wheel Work?

Nowadays, automatic roulette wheels are standard in all casinos. In addition, the wheels are entirely legal. In an automatic wheel, the ball uses a magnetic device. Also, the casino may use a magnetic ball or an air compressor. However, players think that casinos cheat by using a magnetic ball. If a ball rolls magnetically, the air compressor will propel it automatically. Benefits of using an automatic wheel are:

  • Random outcomes
  • Fair and automated results

What is the Purpose of an Air Compressor?

The air compressor has only one job. That is to propel the magnetic ball. Additionally, the air compressor is usually active for a random time. Thereby, the ball will roll until it lands naturally hence reducing the element of cheating. However, the usage of air compressors reduces the professional players' edge. Therefore, this cannot be a form of cheating. The results are always fair as per the government regulations.

How can a Roulette Casino Cheat?

Unfortunately, there are ways a live casino can use to deceive players. However, cheating will attract hefty fines. One way that casinos cheat is by deceiving players that the game is live while it's not. Typically, they disrupt the live feed, and players think the connection is down temporarily. To avoid such scenarios, it's prudent to conduct your research well. There are legal online casinos that play by the regulations.